The Art of Practice

We would like to tell you a little story……

There once was a teenage boy who dreamed of becoming a great dancer. Dance was something the young boy was not naturally good at and was afraid of embarrassing himself in front of others. One day he witnessed real BBoys and BGirls dancing to music and getting down at the neighborhood park. He could not believe what he saw. The moves these dancers were doing seemed almost impossible to attain but he wanted to learn them anyways.

Breakdance or Breaking is the most difficult dance form in the world and most of these moves take years to develop. The boy knew if he really wanted to become a great dancer, he would need to begin practicing at a level he never dare attempted before. He had never danced and not one person believed in him. Right then and there he began what would become one of the great journeys of his life.

The boy sat down with a pen and paper and began writing down all the things he wanted to accomplish in dance. They consisted of specific moves he wanted to achieve and places he wanted to travel to. It was quite the list and when the boy finished, he felt a rush of excitement take over his body. In that moment he knew, from the deepest parts of his heart and soul, this is what he was going to do.

The time came when the boy had to begin practicing. He was very excited and nervous at the same time. In the comfort and security of his bedroom the boy walked over to the stereo and played his favorite music. The music began playing and the boy went silent….listening deeply to the music, the boy began to move, following every sound he could understand. The more he moved, the more he wanted to release and break free of all the things holding him back in life. The feeling was immense, the moment will never be forgotten, he was dancing.

Hours flew by and there he was, moving, listening, learning, falling, failing, getting back up, going again, learning something new, improving more and doing it again and again and again. The boy had a new sense of determination and confidence he never had before. Practicing things over and over taught him that he can learn to do anything he wanted, as long as he focused, did his best and never gave up. He knew his actions were benefitting him and his life. He only wanted more, he wanted to keep learning. The more he practiced, the more he learned. The more he learned, the more powerful he became.

The boy is now a man and after years of practice he has now become that which he once dreamed of becoming, a great dancer. He developed a great sense of discipline, patience and confidence that very few will ever achieve. The beautiful lesson of the story are all the reasons why he became a great dancer. Those reasons are below:

  1. Have a Goal
  2. Write it down and make a plan
  3. Begin practicing all the things needed to achieve your goal
  4. Practice, Practice, Practice with focused attention and strong desire to achieve.
  5. Pick yourself up after every failed attempt and do your best to learn from it.
  6. Never Give Up
  7. Never Stop Practicing
  8. Believe in yourself and your natural strengths and abilities.
  9. Play the kind of music you love
  10. Let it all go, move and dance!

Any human being can master anything as long as they want it bad enough. You must truly believe you can have it and you must be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it. You can achieve anything in this life as long as you do not walk away from it or give up.

Practice is one of those tools that can improve the overall quality of your daily life. It is not always easy but neither is life. The more you practice, the stronger and better you become. Believe in yourself and believe in your dreams! We believe in you at School of Breaking and we look forward to seeing you practice more!




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