With over 17 years of experience in teaching in Colorado school districts, we are the leading partner for Breaking and Hip-Hop School Programming.

We teach more than dance. Our School Programs give students tools to express themselves, work together, practice healthy habits and develop unique physical skills they won’t learn anywhere else. Not only do students learn the basics of Breaking (Breakdance), they also learn the history, values and global influence of Hip-Hop culture while exploring their inner voice in a supportive and accepting environment.

With a variety of programming options and flexible scheduling, we are able to offer customized services that fit what your school and students need.


enrichment or OSt Classes
Enrichment or OST Classes
Learn Breaking or Hip-Hop as an elective or out of school time activity in a fun 45 - 60 minute long class, built into students' weekly schedules

Why Enrichment Classes?

Taking classes regularly reinforces positive growth, helps students gain confidence, and develop healthy habits.
With a weekly class, students build trust and gain confidence dancing, and expressing themselves.
Pricing: $150 / Class
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Master Workshops
Master Workshops
Learn the basis of Breaking or Hip-Hop in a 60 minute class, designed to be fun, challenging, and immersive.

Why Master Workshops?

Like a camp or seminar, these classes provide a high energy and engaging experience to students as a on-time event.
This deep dive approach gives students a unique opportunity to get a beginner level introduction to Hip-Hop dance and culture.
Pricing: $175 / Workshop
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Assembly Demos
Assembly Demos
A fun and exciting performance of Breaking or Hip-Hop dance by 3 of or instructors who are also professional performing artists.

Why Assembly Demos?

Bringing students together for the experience can inspire and motivate them to go above and beyond, face their fears, and be their authentic selves.
We also pair the performance with a speech or spoken lesson, which includes student participation.
Pricing: $600 / 1 Hour Demo
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Our Partners
For over 16 years we have actively championed the education of Breaking and Hip-Hop culture in schools throughout the state of Colorado as an effective and alternative source for traditional physical and performing arts education. Learn more about our partnerships with organizations, schools and school districts who support and believe in our services.