School Enrichment Classes & Learning Pods


Breaking is an incredible dance and an effective source of physical, artistic and cultural education for K-12 students. We are on a mission to educate and inspire students to be themselves, develop courage, nurture creativity, build character and to dance with freedom. Our School Programming services are available for both online and on-site programming.


2016-17 Pilot Program Recap

Our Partners
For over 12 years we have actively championed the education of Breaking and Hip Hop culture in schools throughout the state of Colorado as an effective and alternative source for traditional physical and performing arts education. Learn more about our partnerships with organizations, schools and school districts who support and believe in our services.

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Enrichment Program
This is a 1-hr before, during or after school program; which can be customized for your school. Students get to learn the basics of Breaking with fun activities and great music.

Why Enrichment Programs?

Can be held on-site, online or at School of Breaking.
Teaches the joys of dance, music and life through the physical art of Breaking.
Builds strong bodies and strong minds in every student that participates.
Provides a safe space to build self-confidence and explore creativity.
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Learning Pods
Small group education for neighborhood families and community organizations. Kids will learn fun dance moves, physical exercises and important life lessons with one of our certified instructors.

Why Learning Pods?

Can be held on-site, online or at School of Breaking.
Learn fun and challenging Breaking moves!
Practice healthy exercises and techniques.
Engage students with music and movement.
Teaches life skills like patience, focus and persistence.
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Assemblies & Demos
A fun and exciting 45-minute Breaking demonstration which includes motivational speaking, great music, dancing and student participation.

Why Demos?

Brings everyone in your school together.
Inspires and motivates students through music, dance and speech.
Builds character, self-esteem and confidence.
Great activity for students to express themselves and be free.
Encourages students to courageously face fears through participation.
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