Why Private Sessions?

1-on-1 lessons with a certified instructor are the best way to receive top instruction with all the focus on you! Invest in yourself and become better in a shorter amount of time. Privates can be with more than 1 person. Bring a friend and have a blast! Privates are for kids, adults, individuals, friends, athletes, experienced dancers or non-experienced dancers. Schedule your first private lesson today!

I can’t say enough wonderful things about you and how well you articulate your coaching techniques. Damn kid! I just cannot express enough gratitude.” -Eileen Wells


Solo Private  – $60 per hour

Duo Private – $70 per hour

Trio Private  – $90 per hour

Groups of 4-5 – $100 per hour

Groups of 6-10 – $150 per hour


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Dance Private Session

Great for learning how to groove and dance more comfortably in your own skin and around other people. Great for Beginner or Advanced. Private dance lessons are best for:

  • Learning the basics and how to dance.
  • Becoming more advanced in skill.
  • Developing and improving technique.
  • Learning a specific dance style.

Sports Private Session

Excellent sports cross-training and conditioning. Perfect for athletes who train during the off-season and are ready to become better athletes! These trainings are best for:

  • Kids
  • High School Athletes
  • College/Professional Athletes
  • Fitness Professionals

Fitness Private Session

Learn training methods to help you lose weight, gain strength, develop new habits and completely change your life. Great for beginners or advanced. Private Fitness Lessons are best for:

  • Getting back in shape.
  • Getting in better shape.
  • Burning Fat and Toning Muscle.
  • Improving Habits.

Specialty Private Session

Private training customized to your liking. Great for anyone who wants to train or learn a specific move or skill. Specialty Privates are best for:

  • Learning specific moves
  • Developing specific skills
  • Choreographed routines
  • Preparing for a special performance

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