The Breaking Program

The Breaking Program is a training-based education continuum that includes three levels of proficiency for each student to achieve (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced level).

What is Breaking? Breaking is a street dance that began in the early 70’s in the Bronx, New York City and is one of the five core elements of Hip-Hop culture. Breaking encompasses five main components: Top Rocks, Go-Downs, Footwork, Power Moves and Freezes.

Components of Breaking

Breaking consists of a variety of components. Students will use these components (at different levels) to develop their own unique abilities, style, and approach to Breaking.

Top RocksTop Rocks are danced from a standing position and refer to foot movements that rely upon a mixture of rhythm, skill and most importantly, style. Top Rocks are the opening display of style which transitions into the more dynamic maneuvers of Breaking.

Go DownsGo Downs, also called ‘Drops’, are movements used to transition from a standing position and executed in a creative way to ‘go down’ to the floor. 

FootworkFootwork moves are done on the ground which places emphasis on one’s foot movement and refers to aspects related to feet.

Leg Work – Leg work moves are done on the ground which places emphasis on one’s leg movement and refers to aspects related to legs.

Groundwork – Groundwork moves are done on the ground which places emphasis on one’s movement beyond feet and legs but refers to aspects related to dancing on all parts of the body. 

Threads – Threads are a way for the body to create holes and to thread parts of our body back-and-forth through those holes being created.

Power MovesPower moves are dynamic and rely on speed, momentum, and the force of gravity. Power Moves are acrobatic, extreme and exciting.

Tricks – Tricks are explosive, unique movements that rely on strength, balance, flexibility, creativity, originality, momentum, and the force of gravity. Tricks are crazy, extreme and eye-catching.

FreezesA freeze is a technique that involves stopping your body on beat in an interesting or balanced position. The position is hit and held with no movement, as if freezing into ice.


The Breaking Program is for any students between the ages of 7 and 60+ years old that are ready to commit, learn, and train the art form of Breaking. The Breaking Program will challenge every student’s limits and take many years to develop their skills. Program memberships work best for students who:

  • Have no experience but are ready to commit to learning Breaking.
  • Have some experience and are ready to take their Breaking further.
  • Interested in experiencing Breaking and Hip-Hop culture.
  • Interested in committing long-term to Breaking. 1-10+ years.
  • Would like to become advanced at Breaking.
  • Understands the challenges and prepared to give 100%. 
  • Would like to graduate from The Breaking Program.

From Beginner to Advanced 

There are three levels of proficiency to attain in The Breaking Program: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level. Students will develop their skills and earn their right of passage by utilizing their Break Books, attaining their Accolade Badges, and advancing through levels via Level Demonstrations.

Requirements to move up in each level can be found below:


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