The Hip-Hop Program

The Hip-Hop Program is a training-based education continuum that includes three levels of proficiency for each student to achieve (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced level).

What is Hip-Hop? Hip-Hop is actually not a dance but a culture. Hip-Hop culture encompasses a variety of dance styles. Our Hip-Hop Program focuses on grooves, fundamentals, techniques, Isolations, funk, street and social dances, while utilizing freestyle, and choreography. 


For any students between the ages of 7 and 60+ years old that are ready to commit, learn, and train the dance art forms within Hip-Hop culture. The Hip-Hop Program will challenge every student’s limits and will take many years to develop their skills. Program memberships work best for students who:

  • Have no experience but are ready to commit to learning Hip-Hop styles.
  • Have some experience in Hip-Hop styles but are ready to take their dance further.
  • Interested in experiencing Hip-Hop culture.
  • Interested in committing long-term to Hip-Hop. 1-10+ years.
  • Would like to become an advanced Hip-Hop dancer.
  • Understands the challenges and prepared to give 100%. 
  • Would like to graduate from The Hip-Hop Program.

From Beginner to Advanced 

There are three levels of proficiency to attain in The Hip-Hop Program: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level. Students will develop their skills and earn their right of passage by utilizing their Hip-Hop Books, attaining their Accolade Badges, and advancing through levels via Level Demonstrations.

Requirements to move up in each level can be found below:

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