Nutrition: You Are What You Eat


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”  ~Hippocrates

BBoys and BGirls can develop optimal health by becoming more aware of their eating and drinking habits. One of the most effective ways of obtaining optimal health is by providing your body with proper nutrition. Your body is similar to a human battery. All batteries need to be recharged. The human body requires food and water to become fully recharged. Humans have the power to decide what kinds of food and drink to consume that can bring out the best in their energy.


“An apple an a day keeps the doctor away.”

Vegetables, Roots, Fruits, Nuts and Seeds are awesome and very important for the health of the body. Water is life and should be consumed daily. It is also important to know where your food is coming from and how to clean, and prepare your food. Not everything is as it seems and companies will trick consumers into thinking something is good for them, when it isn’t. You must do research to understand which brands are unhealthy and use unnatural ingredients in their product. There are ingredients being used in the world that are not safe for human consumption and yet these products are still in our neighborhood grocery stores and available for sale on shelves.


“You are what you eat.”

You must protect yourself from consuming unhealthy foods and ingredients. Research and educate yourself on what brands are safe and which ingredients are most beneficial and most harmful to you. It is important to avoid anything in your diet that can bring harm to your body, mind and energy.


“Some choose eat and drink for pleasure and some choose eat and drink for health.”

This is not to tell you what you should and should not eat. You have a choice in life and you can consume anything you choose. It is important to educate yourself on what healthy foods, products, brands and companies to buy from that will aid you in becoming your best and help you grow into your highest potential.


Good luck, stay healthy, stay mindful, be aware.



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