North Arvada Middle School

On Wednesday, April 20th, Chase Evered (School of Breaking) and Steven Silva (Generation BBoy) Set out on a trip to North Arvada Middle School to perform for a packed auditorium of 6th-8th grade students who were eager to see the show. The theme of the demonstration was on the topic of dance and how it can provide you with necessary tools for life and how you can apply those same principals in your own life. The students were very respectful and receptive to our message.

When it came down to performing we had everyone on the edge of their seats and all were shouting with excitement. We invited students to come up to dance and join us on stage. There were only 3 who had the courage to rise up. Everyone in the auditorium, gave them great praise and much love for being up there and expressing themselves.

Overall, it was an amazing experience and truly beneficial for all the students, teachers and administrators. We want to extend a warm Thank You to the personnel at North Arvada Middle School for having us out to perform. This was our 3rd year in a row and we look forward to continuing the tradition of working alongside schools for many years to come.

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