Lessons from the Dance floor

Information, news and updates on just about any topic imaginable seem to come at us at a dizzying pace. Learning something new is always an option but what about learning that comes in more subtle ways? With dance it’s not so much about information overload, it’s more about being enveloped in a higher awareness. In fact, there is so much more to learn than technique, choreography and the next footwork series. Dance is full of life lessons too.

Be mindful

Distractions attempting to derail us from our true purpose are everywhere. Jams are riddled with stimulus and potential interference for even the most seasoned of dancers. Watch two crews battling and your likely to not only see physical intensity but mental sparring as well. A dancer who takes shortcuts sacrifices not only his own performance but also the fate of his crew. Showing up with a powerful body is only part of the package. Showing up with a powerful and focused mind makes us complete.


Lesson learned:  Be mindful and fully present, in life and at the next battle.  

Take care of yourself like you mean it.  

Young athletes move seamlessly, their bodies full of boundless energy and strength.  Aging athletes experience the dreaded betrayal of not being able to execute like they used to. Be grateful for your body, not just because you dance, but because it’s the only one you have.  Breath deeply, eat well, sleep peacefully and limit recreational toxins. Your body needs kindness, always.


Lesson learned: Mom was right, you really do have to take good care of yourself.   

Stand up for what you believe in

Like it or not the dance floor, especially for the breaker can become so much more than a place to display excellence.  The dance floor can become a heated arena for the exchange of ideas, values and priorities especially when there are disagreements between crews and even event judges.  Handling disagreements as a dancer with grace and class can go along way and extend into life as conflict is inevitable for each of us. Stand up for what’s right, but do it in a way that keeps your head held high and your reputation solid.


Lesson learned:  Play nice, on and off the dance floor.


By Polli Ring


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