Highline Community Elementary School Demo & Workshops


On Friday, May 10th 2019 Highline Community Elementary School invited School of Breaking as a special guest group to provide a School Demo for all the students of the school and to host Workshops all-day for each grade level.


The day started off with a fun demonstration performance by guest instructors, Mr. Chase, Mr. Raw and Mr. Bowzer. The kids went crazy for their dance moves and loved the music we were playing. They sat quietly and eagerly listened as each instructor came up to the microphone to speak and share a little about themselves. After that, students who wanted to dance were invited to come up onto the stage with our instructions and express their own dance style. To our amazement almost every student wanted to come up onto the stage and dance. The demo ended with a freestyle free-for-all with each student that came up to the stage. We were blown away by each student’s natural abilities and enthusiasm to express themselves.


Once the demo was complete, the students went back to their home rooms to get ready for the day’s Workshops. Mr. Bowzer started things off by teaching a workshop for the 1st grade and 2nd grade classes. Mr. Raw came after and taught two workshops for the 3rd and 4th grade classes. Mr. Chase finished the day with two workshops for the Kindergarten class and the 5th grade classes.


The kids were excited in every grade level, well mannered, focused and danced hard all day. Dance and Music education time and time again continue to prove how beneficial and how important movement, self-discipline, focused effort and self-expression can be for our community.  


Thank you to all the teachers and workers at Highline Community Elementary School. Your passion and dedication to your students shows in your actions and makes School of Breaking proud to partner and work with you.


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