Choosing The Right Dance Class

From the simple to the complex, choice is all around us.  Researchers suggest as many as 35,000 decisions are navigated on a daily basis by the average adult.  Here’s the good news. Choice doesn’t have to be high stakes and complicated.  With a little proactive thought, choosing the right dance class can be an empowering adventure.



Identifying priorities and motivators is an essential first step in choosing a dance class that is right for you.  Are you wanting to up your skill level? Increase your overall fitness or learn to take more risks as a competitor?  In today’s dance class market, studios provide a menu of descriptive options aligned to any number of possible goals. Spend some time reading, digging into websites, and watching posted videos.  Doing your homework ahead of time will result in a huge payoff when it’s time for that first class to begin.

Take Advantage of Drop-In Options

Studios want you to love the class you’ve selected. Signing up for a drop-in class just makes sense.  It gives you the chance to catch the vibe the studio has to offer, decide if the teacher meets your needs, and connect to the other dancers.  That first class fee may even turn into a session credit, a win-win for you and the studio that earns your business.


Who’s Teaching?

Anyone can demonstrate dance moves, play music and fill an hour of your time, but not all skilled dancers are actually great teachers. Effective teachers are warm demanders. They care enough to build a relationship with you, while at the same time providing actionable feedback and on point critiques.  Your next teacher should be someone with a solid reputation in the dance community who continues to put themselves out there as a performer, competitor and learner. Look for a teacher that can truly facilitate your growth by utilizing their patience, professionalism and passion.


Be Humble

Possibly the most important step you can take in choosing the right dance class is to assess your skill level with humility.  You don’t want to find yourself in a class where you are in over your head making you vulnerable to injury and less likely to enjoy the experience.  


There is a dance class out there for each of us.  Choosing the one that’s right for you is a matter of honoring yourself, assessing your goals, and signing up at an authentic school led by qualified instructors. Navigate these choices with intentionality so that you can enjoy every sweaty, groovy, heart pounding, music-filled second in your next dance class.  


By Polli Ring

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