Intermediate Level Breaking


Your goal is to graduate from the Intermediate Level Breaking Program and move into the Advanced Level. To accomplish this you must:

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†*Passing grade of 4 or better. Scores based on the student’s overall level of execution and understanding.

         *Right of Passage = Every accolade must be earned and achieved.

Top Rocks

Front Top Rock (Indian Step) Variations

  • Front Top Rock | Jumped¬†
  • Front Top Rock | Double Jump¬†
  • Front Top Rock | Kick
  • Front Top Rock | Rocksteady¬†
  • Front Top Rock | Double Front Step¬†
  • Front Top Rock | Jumpback Spin¬†
  • Front Top Rock | Sidekicks¬†
  • Front Top Rock | Side Jumps

Hip Twist (Indian Step Crossover Variations)

  • Hip Twist | Double¬†
  • Hip Twist | Kick Kick Tap¬†

Side Top Rock (Side Rock) Variations

  • Side Rock | Salsa Rock¬†

Skate Step

Mr. Wiggles Rock

Brooklyns (Breakdown)

Latin Hustle


Go Downs

Knee Pose Variations:

  • Intermediate Knee Pose – Intermediate Knee Pose
  • Knee Switches to Knee Pose
  • Front Knee Spin to Knee Pose
  • Back Knee Spin to Knee Pose

Knee Drop Variations

  • Knee Drop + Corkscrew¬†
  • Spinning Knee Drop¬†
  • Jump Thread to Knee Drop¬†

Sweep Variations

  • Hip Twist to Front Sweep
  • No Hand Sweep



Monkey Swings

Kick Out Variations:

  • Double Kick Out (feet together or apart)¬†
  • Step Out & Step-In¬†
  • Air Kicks
  • Double Air Kicks¬†
  • Hook & Switch¬†

CC Variations:

  • CC | 2-hands
  • CC | 1-hand
  • CC | CC + Zulu Spin + CC
  • CC | Back CC (Back Rocks)¬†

Zulu Spin Variations:

  • Zulu Kick Spin
  • Around the World Zulu Spin¬†

Backside Kick Spin (Bboy Storm)

Frontside Kick Spin (Bboy Ray Ray)

Jump Over + Jump Back

Hand Taps



Atomic 6-Step (Octopus)

No-Handed Six Step





Grapevines (12-Step, Baby Love, Scramble Feet, Scrambles, Floor Salsa)

Spinning Hooks

Step Overs

Leg Work

Knee Rock Variations:

  • Knee Walks
  • Knee Rock to Hooks (Low Hooks & High Hook)
  • Knee Rock to Back Rock

Front Sweep Variations:

  • Front Sweep Runner
  • 8-Ball Sweep¬†

Reverse Sweep Variations

  • Reverse Sweep to Ruminagi¬†
  • Reverse Sweep w/ Side Kick (Both Directions)¬†

Single-Leg Pretzels

Double-Leg Pretzels


Floor Work

Belly Rolls

Back Rock Variations:

  • Back CCs (Back Rocks)¬†
  • Back Hip Twist (Kick Over w/ Double Step)¬†
  • Back Hip Twist (Kick Over w/ Single Step)¬†


  • Infinity Thread¬†
  • Figure 4 Thread¬†
  • Standing Jump Thread
  • Shoulder Freeze Thread
  • Headstand Thread
  • Handstand Thread
  • Body Threads

Power Moves 

Coin Drops

Windmills II – Continuous Windmills

Headspins II – Continuous Headspins

Flares II – Continuous Flares – 4 minimum

Master Swipes II – Continuous Swipes – 4 minimum

1990s/2000s II – 1-2 rotations minimum 90s/2000s

Icey Ice & Halos I

Air Tracks I

Air Flare/Air Twist I 

Intro to Tricks

Crickets (Turtle Walks)

Hand Glides

Head Tracks


Hand Hops

Windmill Pick-Up to Handstand

Elbow to Airchair


Handstand Variations:

  • Pencil¬†
  • Cannonball¬†
  • Straddle
  • Running Man

2-Arm Air Freezes

  • Inverts
  • Hollowbacks

1-Arm Air Freezes

  • One Arm Pencil Freeze
  • One Arm Cannonball Freeze
  • One Arm Nike (K-Kick or L-Kick)
  • One Arm Pike


Air Chairs

Air Baby

Stacking I