Intermediate Level Breaking – Level Demonstration and Scoring

We host one Level Demonstration at the end of each season to evaluate a student’s level of proficiency. We will notify students of the date for sign-up. Students can also schedule a private lesson at any time during the season, with an individual instructor, to complete their demonstration whenever they feel ready.

Level Demonstration Scoring

Scores are used to measure each student’s level of proficiency and provide a final score for each move. Scores are measured on a scale of 1 through 5. A score of 4 or better is required for each move. A demonstration with an average score of 4 or better is required to qualify a student for the next level. 

Students that don’t qualify (an average score of 3 or lower) will be shown exactly what will be needed to improve. They will receive feedback on each move and tips that can help students complete their demonstration the next time around.


Score Definition and Criteria

5 – Can execute the move to the music

  • Music Connection Interprets the music and rocks the beat with rhythm, energy, confidence, and style. Strong connection with music. 
  • Creativity – Creating new moves and flows. 
  • Maintains beginner level foundation.
  • Shows proficiency in both directions with the Intermediate vocabulary. 
  • Possesses all the criteria in score 4.


4 – Can execute the move both directions

  •  Proficient with the Intermediate level Breaking vocabulary. 
  • Top Rocks – Has a developed rocking groove. On beat with rhythm, confidence, and style. Can break down and interpret the music.
  • Go Downs – Unique flow that connects top rocks to footwork. On beat, good posture and form, authentic character and personality.
  • Footwork – Revolution, direction, speed, power, proper squat and toe positions.
  • Freezes – 30 second 2-handed holds for each freeze. Stable breathing.
  • Technique – Heightened body awareness, technique, and skill.
  • Character – Energy, emotion, personality, and style with a unique flavor and approach to Breaking.
  • Confidence – Confidence in yourself, your movement, and your knowledge.
  • Music Connection – Interprets the music. Strong connection with music. Consistent rhythm, energy, and confidence.


3 – Can execute the move but more practice needed

  • Does not show full proficiency with the vocabulary. 
  • Top Rocks –  Rocking groove not developed. Missing the connection between the move and the rhythm of the beat. Lacking confidence, or style. 
  • Go Downs – Needs to work on flow and connecting top rocks to footwork. Posture and form needs improvement, or more character and personality is needed. 
  • Footwork – No revolution, lacks direction, lacks speed, lacks power, needs to improve footwork form, squat form or toe positions.
  • Freezes – Can’t hold a 30 second freeze without falling or toes touching. Unstable breathing.
  • Technique – lacking some body awareness, technique, or skill.
  • Character –  Needs more energy, emotion, and/or personal style.
  • Confidence – Lacks confidence in yourself, your movement, or your knowledge.
  • Music Connection – not fully connected with the music. Overthinking or has an average connection with music. Inconsistent rhythm, lacking energy, or confidence.


2 – Can’t execute the move without errors

  • Needs reminding of the name of the move.
  • Needs reminding on how to do the move.
  • Slow making the connection between the name and the move.
  • Needs reminder to understand what the move is.
  • Needs reminder on how to do the move.
  • Making errors.
  • Having to start over.


1 – Doesn’t know the move at all

  • Doesn’t know the name of the move.
  • Doesn’t know how to do the move.
  • Not making a connection between the name and the move.
  • Needs help understanding what the move is.
  • Needs help on how to do the move.