Behind the Scenes – The benefits of a Private Lesson

Would you rather learn some new information with each structured group dance class or truly maximize your time and money in a differentiated and accelerated class designed exclusively for you?  While all formal dance instruction benefits the breaking student, there is no substitute for a private lesson format for deepening understanding and promoting progress as a developing dancer. 

Everyone has a sweet spot

In education we speak of a fancy theory by a brilliant guy called the “zone of proximal development.”  This zone is pretty much what you might imagine. It’s your mental, physical and emotional sweet spot for learning.  Just like Goldilocks found, it’s not too hard and not too soft. This learning is just right because it’s uniquely tailored for each dancer with skill level, physical challenges and specific interests in mind.  The best part is, when it’s delivered through the unique format of a one-on-one private lesson.

Too many to count

Private lessons make sense for so many reasons.  Scheduling a private honors your schedule and time because you have choice in both as opposed to following a pre-designed studio format.  Privates also afford an opportunity to interact with a variety of instructors who may not teach your content or level, but still have plenty to offer when it comes to moving your skills forward as a dancer. Private lessons also create a level of intimacy that allows for deeper and targeted learning for both the dancer and the instructor. 

Invest in yourself 

In a scheduled private lesson, the walls come down and judgement is suspended.  It’s just you and your dance coach and the opportunity for vulnerability opens up.  Private lessons allow the dancer to move unrestrained, taking risks and building confidence. Both the teacher and the student begin to learn about one another at a level that is difficult to reach quickly in a traditional class format.  These deepened relationships result in nuanced instruction targeted to the individual student, amplifying progress and boosting technique. 


Finally, the biggest bang for your privacy bucks likely comes in the customization found.  Private lessons open up endless possibilities for curriculum with the instructor more than willing to differentiate content based on interest, readiness and learner profile.  Go ahead, accelerate your progress and move your mad skills forward by investing in yourself with a made to order, just for you private dance lesson. 

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