Beauty of Cyphering

When was the last time you experienced unrestricted, spontaneous acceptance?  Was it dependent on your age, training or knowledge? Did it matter where you came from? Hopefully the answer to all of these questions is a resounding no. Maybe you are even one of the lucky ones to have experienced the affirmation and empowerment that comes to those who have discovered the beauty of cyphering.

The Circle

When we think of a circle we visualize no end and no beginning of a simple closed shape. We see inclusion and equity.  We notice balance. The circle envelopes us and brings us unity. The cypher circle is no different and has welcomed b-girls and b-boys long before the battles ever began.

On the street, cyphering enables the dancer to express freely and in the moment whatever emotion, groove or barriers are felt. Movement is found in the present and inspires the dancer to freeze, explode or embrace, powerfully or with simplicity.  Cyphers encourage pure expression that smolders from deep inside the dancer, unique to that time and place, resulting in an outward and inspiring raw connection.

The Groove

New to breaking?  The cypher welcomes you to take a risk, bust a move and test the waters absent of judgement.  Is your reputation solid? Without a traditional stage and lacking the pressure of a battle, the cypher affords opportunity to inspire others, take chances and revel in the life force that creativity and improvisation offer.

Cyphers are about endorsing the universal breaking value of respect.  Cyphers remind us that it’s good manners to take turns, respect the generations that come before us and keep our hands and feet to ourselves.  Confidence evolves and begins by taking your place in the circle that speaks to you and calls you to express.

Go ahead, reveal in who you are with a whisper or a shout.  Fill the space, fly solo and marinate for just a while, showing who you are through movement.  Support your fellow dancers and close the gap by finding your rightful place through the beauty of cyphering.   

( to be continued )

By Polli Ring


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