Winter Blues Jam ’20

Winter Blues Jam ’20 is a family friendly jam that supports an eclectic array of different dance styles. Dancers throughout the state of Colorado came to get down and express their individuality alongside a supportive community of other dancers. Hosted by School of Breaking and held at The School Yard Community Event Center In Aurora, Colorado on Saturday, January 18th 2020, this event celebrated life with music, dancing, competitions, cyphers and good times.

The competitions consisted of a 1 vs 1 Kids 7-smoke Polygons Battle (13 and under)
And a 3 vs 3 Freestyle Battle (all ages). Colorado DJs SponsOne and DJ Soulrane blessed the turntables all day with fresh music while the dancers brought the fire.

A Big congratulations goes out to the winners of Winter Blues Jam ‘20! ⠀
3v3 Freestyle winners: ⠀Heavy Szn 😤 Enock Kadima Josiyah Maes Jaiden Bricco
3v3 Freestyle Runners Up: Inside Out Oreo 🙃 Anna Gunderson DaQuan Taylor Sky Evans
Freestyle Judges: Droid, Poppa T, Buddha Funk
Kids Polygon Breakin 7 to Smoke Winner:🔥 BBoy Natetastic
Judge: BBoy Surge

The most incredible part of the day was when our Master Ceremonies for the event, the impeccable MC Dent, brought out his good friend and freestyle rap god MC Supernatural to provide the crowd with a mind-expanding and unforgettable freestyle performance.

Lastly, there were more than just dancers from Colorado who came out to support. Our good friends, The Nicavangelists who have come all the way from Nicaragua, supported and represented all day both on the dance floor and in the community. Afterwards, instead of leaving, the kids from The Nicavangelists stayed and helped School of Breaking clean up after the jam.

Coming from the leader of The Nicavangelists, Jed Brien had this to say about our event, “I was blown away by Winter Blues Jam ‘20! Totally freestyle. The music. The women. The kids.The energy. The MC. The positivity. The winners and losers. Every one of you is INCREDIBLE! Thank you. I am stoked some of you might show NICAS this year how to move and groove. Every single one of you is invited. You’re ALL stars!!!
It was a great kick off to 2020! Sending a big thank you to everyone who came out, got down, and supported. Let’s have a great year, y’all. @ School Of Breaking


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