Outreach Facilitator

Are you passionate about working with youth? Do you love dance and movement? Do you know how to put the fun in new learning experiences? Do you have the ability to inspire new learners?

School of Breaking is an elite Breaking and Hip-Hop school that does more than just provide dance classes; we educate and prepare our students for life. We shape characters, build bridges that connect people, provide platforms for self-expression, and take great care in the preservation of Hip-Hop culture. We are looking for teaching artists who have experience with Breaking, Social/Party dances, Locking, Popping and other club/street dance styles. Our dance programs and services are in high demand and we need more teaching artists to fill our positions. 


A great candidate for employment will:

  • Have prior experience as a dancer (teaching, performing or competing) OR Have prior experience as a youth educator (with a passion for movement and art)
  • Be an effective and timely communicator
  • Have a passion for dance and Hip-Hop culture
  • Enjoy working with youth in elementary, middle and high school
  • Be self-motivated
  • Be reliable
  • Be available for part-time work Monday through Friday (most program times vary between the hours of 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm)
  • Be someone who loves to have fun and be creative
  • Have a desire to contribute to something greater than self
  • Must have access to reliable transportation


We are looking for artists who want to create successful and sustainable careers with our support and guidance.

We are looking to hire Outreach Facilitators at a starting rate of $35 – $50 per hour (based on experience) plus a gas stipend. Staff are insured through our business liability and worker’s compensation policies. Staff are paid as W-2 employees which means appropriate deductions are made according to state and federal tax requirements.

Staff members in this position are eligible to participate in School of Breaking’s many benefit programs which include Paid Sick Leave, Corporate Retirement Savings and more.

At School of Breaking, we have created an inclusive, diverse and supportive work environment where each individual is a highly valued and respected contributor. 

Please send your resume to careers@schoolofbreaking.com for serious inquiries.