Chase Evered

Full Name

Chase Evered

Dance Name

”Chase ‘Em Down”



Birth Date and Location

April 4th, 1984 in Englewood, Colorado

What year did you begin dancing?

I transitioned from playing college Basketball to Dance in 2003.

How long have you been teaching dance?

12 Years

What do you want the students to learn at School of Breaking?

I want my students learn how to listen and feel the music. I want them to learn the foundations of Breaking and to apply these foundations in their dance. I want my students to learn how to discipline themselves with good practice habits and to develop healthy character traits. I want my students to learn how to be creative in their dance and to understand that anything can be achieved through the disciplines of practice, repetition and persistence.

What do you want the students at School of Breaking to achieve for themselves?

I want my students to gain the confidence to be themselves and to have the courage to express themselves freely. I want my students to use their creativity to create new things for themselves..I want my students to overcome all the obstacles that they will encounter and to watch them achieve the goals they set for themselves. I mostly want to share with my students the same joys, inspiration and freedom that I have experienced and received from this music and from this dance.

What are your five most important core values as a dancer?

Practice – Patience – Persistence – Enjoyment – Commitment

My 2nd Top 5 Core Values are

Courage – Confidence – Determination – Motivation – Creativity



Chase Evered aka Chase ‘Em Down represents the legendary west coast crew Soul Control. Chase is a driven and multi-talented individual who is well-versed in all dance forms within the Hip Hop Culture. He has spent 9 years as the Hip Hop Company Director for Centerstage Starz. He also spent 3 years as Chairman of the non-profit organization Dance2Live Inc. where he served on the Board of Directors to promote a positive and healthy lifestyle through dance.

Chase has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Marketing from the University of Colorado at Denver.

As a competitive dancer, choreographer and performer, Chase has competed and performed alongside the nation’s top dancers and competes on an International level. Chase has appeared in commercials for Starz Cinema and the documentary movie “Rip Sin City” highlighting Hip Hop Culture in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Chase has worked 3 years for the Denver Broncos as a judge for the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders and master instructor for the Junior Bronco Cheerleaders. He spent 4 years as Director for the Denver Nuggets DBoyz Breaking Crew and the Lil’ Bustas Youth Hip Hop Crew. In his 4 years with the Denver Nuggets Chase has performed with artists such as The Temptations, Vanilla Ice, Montell Jordan, Ciara, Leann Rimes, Destiny’s Child and many more. Chase is now the proud director and crew member of the young and talented Breakademics Crew representing the new Colorado generation of BBoys, BGirls and Hip Hop Dancers.