2016-17 Pilot Program Recap

Club Overview

We are excited to bring our programs to the K-12 grade schools near you. We are on a mission to help kids build courage to be themselves, develop their creativity, and express themselves truly and without fear.

We offer Assemblies, Dance Workshops, and Before- and After-School programs.


  • Assemblies & Demos
  • A fun and inspiring 45-minute Breakdance demonstration which includes motivational speaking, great music, dancing and student involvement.
  • Why Demos?

  • Brings everyone together in your school.
  • Inspires students through music and dance.
  • Motivates students through speech.
  • Great opportunity for students to express themselves.
  • Students face fears and demonstrate their skills on the dance floor.
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  • Master Workshops
  • A full-day dance workshop where students get to learn and experience the art of Breakdance. Workshops provide fun dance moves, healthy exercise, important life lessons and dance training with one of our certified instructors.
  • Why Master Workshops?

  • Learn fun and challenging breakdance moves!
  • Practice healthy exercises and techniques.
  • Engage students with music and movement.
  • Teaches life skills like patience, focus and persistence.
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  • Breakdance Program
  • This is a 1-hr before- or after-school program held at your school for a 20-week session. Students get to learn the basics of Breakdance as well its history, values, and its cultural influence.
  • Why Breakdance Programs?

  • Each class is packed with fun activities and great music.
  • Teaches the joys of dance, music and life through the physical art of Breaking (Breakdance).
  • Builds strong bodies and strong minds in every student that participates.
  • Plants the seeds of self-confidence and self-belief within each student.
  • Provides a space for self-expression, self-discovery and creativity.
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“The impact of you and your program on the kids has been exceptional and the confidence levels of the students have risen dramatically. Basically you’re doing great things and the staff, students and I appreciate it. ”
Julian Martinez Program Director, Jefferson High School
Thank you for giving so much to our school and students!!  Our students LOVE your program and dancing with you.
Maria Gallegos Banta Principal, Field Elementary School