School of Breaking


"Release Form" feat. Bboy Chase 'em Down

Co-produced by Katy Zeigler​ and screenplay help by Olivia Hogan​, this film is about a man finding balance in his life through connecting with his inner self.

Credits: Jackson Xia

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Classes are in Session!

Welcome to Session #2! This is going to be an exciting journey as we continue to build friendships, skills, and character. Our staff this Session will include Mr. Chase, Mr. Jared, Ms. Lexi,  Ms. Bri, and Mr. Tim.

What is happening this Session:

At the end of this Session, on June 20th we will hold our Bi-Annual Showcase during which we will allow the students to showcase their skills and to demonstrate what they have learned. More details about the Showcase will be announced later in the Session.

Master Workshop #2
Thursday, June 18th  we are holding our Master Workshops Pt. 2. We will be announcing instructors soon, space is limited.

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grape jam

Grape Jam

Grape Jam was a fun event. With Chase in the judging panel, and Tommy battling with Christi it was a fun day. Props to Mahayla Rose for organizing the event. We look forward to the next Grape Jam.

FB Event Link:

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Queenz of HipHop

Congrats to our girls for repping hard at the Queenz of HipHop competition. The event was fun and full of great moments. Too bad that it ended 2 hrs later than scheduled, but overall, it was a success.

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