teen BREAKING intensive summer 2021

For teens looking to take their Breaking to the next level,

don’t miss our FIRST EVER Teen Breaking Intensive this Summer!

Teen Intensive Summer 2021

1 Week ONLY: June 28th – July 2nd

9am – 1pm

beginner level Breaking Intensive

Beginner Level students will receive Hip Hop education and the development of Breaking fundamentals for:

  • Top Rocks – Top Rocks are danced from a standing position and refers to foot movements that rely upon a mixture of rhythm, skill and most importantly, style. Top Rocks are the opening display of style which transitions into the more dynamic maneuvers of Breaking.
  • Go-downs – Go Downs, also called ‘Drops’, are movements used to transition from a standing position and executed in a creative way to ‘go down’ to the floor.
  • Footwork – Footwork moves are done on the ground which places emphasis on one’s foot movement and refers to aspects related to feet.
  • Freezes – A freeze is a technique that involves stopping your body on beat in an interesting or balanced position. The position is hit and held with no movement, as if freezing into ice.
  • PowermovesPower moves are dynamic and rely on speed, momentum, and the force of gravity. Powermoves are acrobatic, extreme and eye-catching.

intermediate level Breaking Intensive

Intermediate Level students will receive Hip Hop education and the development of Intermediate level Combinations, Freezes, and Powermoves. Students will also focus on each of these components of the dance:

  • Top Rocks (Level & Directional Changes)
  • Footwork (Concepts & Patterns)
  • Freezes (Stacking & Balancing)
  • Powermoves and Tricks (Technique & Development)
  • Camp is for kids ages 13-17 years old.
  • Each Camp will be supervised and directed by two SOB Breaking instructors.
  • Due to current COVID-19 regulations, our camp size is restricted at only 10 Campers per session. Please see our COVID-19 Studio Guidelines to learn more about Health & Safety at School of Breaking.
  • Cost: $180 for 1 week of a half day session

Limited Spots Available

Reserve Yours Today!

  • Provide your Name, Email and requested Breaking level (Beginner or Intermediate).
  • We’ll contact you to answer any questions and complete registration.
  • A $50 deposit must be paid in order to reserve your spot for camp.
  • We’ll send you an invoice and a link to complete camp paperwork.

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