BBoy Clover aka Krischian


What is your full name?

My name is Krischian Mouaying Thao



I just turned 20 but according to Chase and Tim I’m 15 😀


Where were you born?

I was born in Westminster, Colorado


Year Started Dancing:

I believe I started 5 years ago, I don’t quite remember when exactly.


Influence to start dancing?

I remember specifically, and it’s kind of a funny story, (laughs to self). I remember it being one boring summer. The video games, phones, and tv’s turned off. Me and my cousins are just chilling on the couch doing nothing. I turn to my cousins and say, “Hey guys, you guys want to learn how to breakdance?” and they said “sure.” So looking back, I guess my influences were actually my cousins. We were all really competitive against each other when we were doing it which helped push me into school of breaking. But even after they steered off into other things they’re still my biggest supporters making them still one of my biggest influences


Main style of dance?

My main style is breaking


What are your dance dreams?

Honestly. I just want to travel and meet people dancing for fun. Like competing is cool and all that but I really just like to dance. Dancing gives me something I really can’t explain in words. But I mean in terms of dreams I guess I want to be able to enjoy dancing for the rest of my life. There’s nothing in the world I’d rather be doing. So even if I get really good and somehow blow up in the scene I want it to be fun. And that’s the important part to me is having fun. My dream is to have whenever I dance be fun and enjoyable for myself.


What goals have you accomplished in dance?

In terms of other goals specifically in dance, I haven’t accomplished much. Sometimes when I set goals for myself I feel like I’m expecting too much of myself and get discouraged when I fail. But I’m working on one, not being discouraged, and two, setting realistic short term goals to reach my bigger long term goals. But I guess I should put some accomplishments. This year I wanted to make top 16 in a competition where I was proud of myself. I could definitely say I did at the bboy factory 5th anniversary jam. I wanted to teach a lot of classes earning my student’s right off the bat and having successful classes. I definitely did that with two different schools. They asked me to come back to teach and I’m super proud of what I accomplished in those classes. I guess I have accomplished a lot of short term goals when it has come to dance but not a lot of long term ones. I don’t doubt that I will though.


What obstacles have you overcome?

I definitely had issues believing in myself. I’m the third youngest in my family (out of 4 siblings) so I was never put on this pedestal of, “oh you need to be a role model for your other siblings.”  Or “you need to take a leadership role and show your younger siblings what you can do.” So I was never expected much of me from my parents and siblings. That resulted in never expecting much for myself either. But slowly meeting all these wonderful people in the dance community changed that. Meeting Chase and Tommy and having them bring our some of the potential in me has changed my outlook on how I see myself and life.

Other obstacles, uhmmm I honestly tend to compare myself to others. I’ve always been with friends who have danced just as long as I have and have accomplished great things and I’m always asking, “why haven’t I accomplished those things?” It always came down to difference in mentality. Which is another obstacle that I face. I assume that they would definitely have the mentality of “oh I’m going to be a great dancer and not get discouraged if I were to fail. I’m not going to compare myself to anyone and I’m just going to focus on myself.” Meanwhile I had the shittiest mentality where I would think, “Oh I can’t fail. Failing’s not allowed. If I fail then you suck, you can’t be as good as him, you’re just not good enough, strong enough, etc.” And honestly learning to have a stronger mentality has helped me become good enough, strong enough, etc. I might have honestly been all those things, I just needed to believe in myself. Now more than ever I do and it has changed my life completely.


What has been your most difficult obstacle you’ve had to overcome in dance?

Man the biggest obstacle was probably what I put in the last part; believing in myself. Believing in myself has always been a huge obstacle in my life. It was hard to believe in myself because I felt like (even though it probably wasn’t true) that people never believed in me. But then you end up meeting people like Chase, Tommy, Alex, Ian, The breakademics squad, everyone at sob, everyone in the community really who do put faith in you and who do believe in you. It becomes much easier to believe in yourself. And honestly I need to give something back to this community to thank them for making me overcome this obstacle because it’s the community that has been my roots that has allowed me to grow as a person and as a dancer.


What has dance given to enrich your life?

Honestly dance has given me value to my life. I feel like I have something I can live for and I’m a part of something bigger now. It has given me a vision of what I want my life to be and what I want to become. It’s given me great friends I can always go to if I need help. It has given me beloved students that I care for and love. It has given me a job to make a living out of. It has given me an outlet to express my thoughts, feelings, and just other emotions. It has given me the ability to enjoy all things from music, culture, history, economics, science, religion, etc. It has given me a purpose and a drive to keep moving on with my life to see what’s next. Dance has given me everything I could ask for and more.


How do you perceive yourself as a dancer?

Hmmm that’s a tough question. I guess you can say I see myself as a very hype dancer. I mean I absolutely love the energy I get when I’m on the floor. It’s a lot of fun and makes the dance enjoyable. It’s like a whole new person comes out and I am no longer “Krischian” but I am “KRISCHIAN.” You know? Like naturally I’m a quiet keep to myself introverted kind of guy. But with dance I am this absolutely new person that I don’t even know. I feel like that’s a bad thing to say because it feels like I’m saying “I’m not myself.” But it is a part of me and it is who I am, I just haven’t explored that realm well enough to know what makes that me. And that’s what makes it dope cause I know I have a lot of potential I need to unlock to find the “real me” so to speak. My gym teacher always said potential is useless unless you use it.


What do you appreciate about your dance?

I appreciate I guess the kind of life it has given me. I have friends I can always count on to go to for anything. I have a job I really enjoy doing. I have the social skills to be able to succeed in any situation. I have something I can always do for fun. I have a healthy lifestyle. I have something I can use to relate to people. I can appreciate so much because it has given me so much.


What has School of Breaking done to benefit your growth as a dancer?

I mean. I’ve been going to SOB since the first day they opened. Chase and Tommy have every right to say “He would not be the dancer he is today without us” because it’s true! They’re going to read this and probs lecture me but I mean SOB has always been there for me has always supported me and will continue to do so (at least I hope so). Like they were there when I first started dancing to where I stand now still supporting me through everything. It’s super cliché but I 100% would not be the person or the dancer I am today without them. They are my original roots still strong and shill helping me grow. Honestly thank you SOB staff you guys have no idea how much you all mean to me.


What are the next challenges you want to take on as a dancer?

Right now I am going through a rebuilding phase in my dance. I want to rebuild my mind, rebuild my body, my dance, my life. And in doing so becoming the best version of myself. Come 2019 will be the year I go back to competing and a completely new version of me comes out. Be Ready!