Spring Recital 2017 Recap

( Credit for Capturing videos goes to Jackson Xia )

Show Order:

Act 1

Kids Level 1 Breaking – Monday w/ Tim

Tots – Monday w/ Chase

Kids Hip Hop – Wednesday w/ Bri

Kids Level 1 Breaking – Friday w/ Chase

Adult Beginner Hip Hop – Tuesdays w/ Chase

Tots – Wednesday w/ Chase

Kids Hip Hop – Friday/ Chase

Kids Popping – Mondays w/ Chase and David

Intermission – Top 8 Kids Battle Qualifier for United in Hip Hop Kids Edition II

(coming soon …)



Act 2


Kids Level 1 Breaking – Tuesday w/ Tim

Adult Beginner Hip Hop – Wednesdays w/ Chase

Kids Level 2 Breaking – Tuesday w/ Chase

Freestyle – Wednesday w/ Kaylin

Kids Level 3 Breaking – Wednesday w/ Tim

Performance Choreography – Wednesday w/ Chase

Adult Level 1-3 Breaking – Mondays w/ Tim

Eggs with Side of Breakin’


We successfully completed our Spring Recital for the 2nd year in a row leaving everyone inspired and motivated to dance. Our students spent the last 19 weeks diligently learning with focused and committed training. It was amazing to see everyone go on stage and execute their dance in front of a crowd of over 250 people. We had students join our Spring session with absolutely no dance experience and by the end they were able to face fears and overcome obstacles. The age of dancers who performed ranged from 3 years to 60 years old. It was very impressive and exciting to see how much our students have grown and improved over the past few months.

The show kicked off with a jokes battle and demo from Mr. Tommy and Mr. Chase. Throughout the recital our families got to experienced performances from all our students and teachers. They also enjoyed a video recap highlighting our Pilot School Program, the Top 8 Battle Qualifier for a trip to compete in Albuquerque and a huge Community Cypher to end the show. We included our dance friends from the Colorado Hip Hop community and they wowed the crowd with unbelievable movements and ridiculous skill.

Our Spring Recital was intended to bring everyone together in dance and to help celebrate a successful 20-weeks of training, growth and improvement. We felt great about the outcome of the show and looking forward, we are inspired and excited to continue learning and expanding our horizons as dancers.

A BIG THANK YOU to all the parents, families and friends who came and supported our show. We are thankful and blessed to have an amazing community of people surrounding us. Thank you to everyone who contributed their energy and for always helping to  make School of Breaking a safe and loving place for all people to dance!

We are in the process of processing the videos and will soon have them available for the students who participated in the recital.



School of Breaking