Classes are in Session!

Welcome to Session #2! This is going to be an exciting journey as we continue to build friendships, skills, and character. Our staff this Session will include Mr. Chase, Mr. Jared, Ms. Lexi,  Ms. Bri, and Mr. Tim.

What is happening this Session:

At the end of this Session, on June 20th we will hold our Bi-Annual Showcase during which we will allow the students to showcase their skills and to demonstrate what they have learned. More details about the Showcase will be announced later in the Session.

Master Workshop #2
Thursday, June 18th  we are holding our Master Workshops Pt. 2. We will be announcing instructors soon, space is limited.

2015 BBoy & BGirl Summer Bootcamp
We’re working hard to bring you an incredible experience of a 5-day, 4-night Summer BBoy & BGirl Bootcamp. Camp dates are Saturday, June 27th –  Wednesday, July 1st. More details will be announced in May.

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Policies Update
Our Studio Policies have been updated. Please review at your convenience.

Make Ups
If you missed a class due to illness, bad weather, or an unforeseen circumstance then you can make up the class by taking an alternative class of the similar level. If there are no similar-level classes available, talk to us, and we’ll try to find a class that works or you. The topic of Makes Ups is also covered in under Studio Policies.

Once again, welcome to Session 2!. Let’s continue working towards growth, understand and incredible experiences!