BGirl LeToya in Vancouver, Canada

Our very own LeToya Garland traveled to Vancouver, Canada the past weekend of Saturday, May 20th 2017 to dance, battle, share and connect with the Vancouver Hip Hop scene. LeToya is a student at School of Breaking who is developing her craft as a dancer while maintaining balance in her career as a Electrical Engineer and as a mother. LeToya has made a big impact in our lives and she continues to inspire us every week to push our boundaries and grow beyond our limitations. We briefly interviewed LeToya on her travels and dance experience in Vancouver.  



LeToya Garland


How long have you been dancing?

I’ve been learning breaking for 2 1/2 years. I started learning fundamentals of various hip hop dance styles about 3 years ago.


On May 20th, where did you travel to?

I traveled to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (also know as Vancity).


What was your reason for the trip?

I went to Vancity to support Bgirl J-Kay’s jam and to see a bit of Vancouver. I had never been to Canada before this trip.


What was the name of the Jam?

The jam was called Shine.


How was your experience?

I absolutely enjoyed myself. This was my first international jam and my first time in Canada. I met some amazing people from all over the world who came to dance and experience Vancity culture.


Did you battle?

Yes, I entered the Bgirl 2v2 with Bgirl Emerge.


How did it go?

We advanced to the Top 8 and lost our round to the BGirls that eventually won the battle.


What inspired you during your trip?

I was inspired by the beauty of Vancouver; a modern metropolis so close to the water and mountains. The city was serene. The dance community was very kind and hospitable. I had a chance to spend quality time with wonderful people. I was either absorbing thought provoking dialogue or participating in conversations about our lives and dance. Above all else, I shared some surprising and freeing moments in dance. I left Vancity feeling inspired to grow and be free.


What did you learn on your trip?

I attended workshops and learned some techniques to help expand my creativity. I learned to appreciate my growth and dance journey. Every time I battle it’s a humbling experience. I was reminded to have fun, let my mind be still and allow my light to shine.



Where are you headed next?

For the summer, I plan to enjoy local jams in Colorado (Bboy Factory Anniversary, Foco Flava, etc.). Hopefully I can make it to a few “Bands on the Brick”s in Boulder to help support the Block.  There are a lot of jams to choose from for the fall (both in the US and overseas). Right now I am having a hard time deciding on plans for the rest of the year. But wherever I go, you can be sure I’ll be dancing.


Thanks LeToya!