BBoy Bowzer

BBoy Bowzer

Full Name: Luis Gerardo Rojas Chavez

Age: 18

Where were you born? Born in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico raised in Aurora,Colorado

Year Started Dancing: I started dancing at the age of 13 so it’s been 5 years since I was introduced to the culture


Influence to start dancing?

What really caught my eyes was the jabbawockeez … I mean who didn’t catch their attention. I was so young back at the time when they came out which was 2009 all I wanted to do was be like them , have all the moves, and of course own a mask haha.

Main style of dance?
My style of dance is everything I try to include everything not just focus on one type of style like power or footwork because you never know… one day you will get smoked by someone just rocking the beat you can’t just throw footwork or just power … you want to be able to respond to anything that is thrown at you that’s why it’s good to be all around

What are your dance dreams?
Right now my dream with dance is to keep perfecting my craft and my love for this dance, I want to be able to give back, spread inspiration around the world , to the poorest of peoples and the richest , I want to show why I’m on this earth.. This dance is more than just a dance it’s a lifestyle it saved my life and I know it can save many more I want to show what my God given Gift will do!

What goals have you accomplished in dance?
I have won multiple jams in the state and have gotten far out of state as well with the help of my mentors Dash and Raw as well as my crew The Freak show and Bedtime Monstaz and have gotten flown out for a exhibition out of state but I don’t really see those as accomplishments those are just competitions what I have done is changed kids lives I have brought in and taught a lot of kids about this culture some stay some don’t I have spread hip hop into places that didn’t even know what it is or what it is about I have inspired people and I hope I can keep doing that!

What obstacles have you overcome?
Obstacles I’ve overcome was people not believing in me, my family still doubts what I do sometimes as well as friends, they say it’s impossible , it’s not realistic but I’ve kept my head high and am pushing harder then ever thanks to the one above.

What has been your most difficult obstacle you’ve had to overcome in dance?
The most difficult thing till this day is being an immigrant. I was not born in the US but was brought here so young I pretty much am from Colorado. I don’t remember much about Mexico but I face problems like not being able to travel overseas or being able to get a job legally, have a liscence even sometimes travel within the country. Every time I travel I take a risk, all I have is this dance right now and I’m going to keep pushing to the limits

What has dance given to enrich your life?
This dance has shown me to look at everyone the same, we are all brothers and sisters no one is better then the other some just put more work then others we are all equal but also different in so many ways.

How do you perceive yourself as a dancer?
I see myself no different then you. I’m just a kid doing what he loves to do and loves inspiring others through this dance.

What do you appreciate about your dance?
I appreciate all the people I met through this dance, you meet so many people from different countries different lifestyle but all share one thing “dance”.

What has School of Breaking done to benefit your growth as a dancer?
School of Breaking …. what can I say .. I wouldn’t be where I am at without them, they have blessed us enough to let us use the studio whenever we want and we definitely take advantage of that ! They also support us not just through dance but our lifestyle and what we want to do with our life, they have gave us so many opportunities to spread love and inspiration with this dance and with this culture, I am blessed to call School of Breaking my home!

What are the next challenges you want to take on as a dancer?
Right now I want to prove a statement,you can do what you love to do and live off it! You don’t have to work in a office for the rest of your life..nothing is easy but everything is possible with God!

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